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‘Sister Wives:’ Christine Brown’s Dirty Laundry Put On Blast!

The dirty laundry of Sister Wives star Christine Brown is being put on blast after one fan admits they just don’t understand the hype. The frustrated fan notes “the list” of Christine’s dirty laundry “goes on” and questions if the TLC ever apologized for any of her mistakes over the years. What is this list of dirty laundry being put on blast? Keep reading for the details.

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Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Dirty Laundry Put On Blast

Calling Christine Brown out as a woman who suffers from “martyr complex and main character syndrome,” one Sister Wives fan took to Reddit to put the TLC star on blast. The fan admits they don’t understand why Christine receives so much praise. And, they proceeded to detail all of the ways the TLC star failed as a parent.

“Truly’s kidney failure, Ysabel’s scoliosis, labeling Mykelti as a bad kid and constantly making negative comments about her and comparing her to her ‘good’ half-sister, Paedon is a wild animal who tortures women in general, parentifying Aspyn to the point of trauma.”

The OP went on to remind fans that Christine was an absolute monster when she mocked Meri Brown for her struggles with infertility. Check out the spicy Reddit thread down below:

Did She Ever Apologize?

After asking if there was ever a time Christine Brown apologized for her faults, the OP answered their own question. “Nope.”

The frustrated fan continued to rage: “She doubles down on how it’s always other people’s fault and she’s completely blameless. Yeah she’s good with kids in some ways cause she’s got the kindergarten whisper voice, but in so many other ways she’s a neglectful parent and crosses the line into abuse.”

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sourced from YouTube

Sadly, this fan goes on to argue that Christine Brown came off as being “so good” with kids because she was good with the kids of her sister wives. She, however, fell short when it came to her own children.

There Was Some Love For Christine Brown

The OP acknowledged Christine Brown grew up in a cult and was married to a horrible man. Moreover, the OP noted they wanted nothing but the best for Christine. And, hoped she has grown as a person. The post concluded with the fan asking other fans to explain why they stand with and support Christine. What is it fans love so much about this TLC star?

Christine Brown/Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

In response to the thread, many Sister Wives fans admit opinions of Christine Brown changed when she left Kody. But, that didn’t mean fans were full-on team queen Christine. Moreover, it also didn’t mean fans forgot everything she did during her time with Kody Brown.

Do you consider Christine Brown to have a pretty nasty list of dirty laundry she’s accumulated over the years? Do you agree that she isn’t the superstar many fans praise her for being? Or, do you think fans are being too hard on her? Share your answers to these questions in the comments

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