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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Shows Big Support For Son’s Passion!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown loves to share positive updates about her kids. She’s been proud of what they have accomplished. Some fans are also glad that Kody attended Savanah’s high school graduation in May. However, the 54-year-old mother has been the only one present when it comes to her kids’ passions, especially Robert’s hobby in photography.

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Sister Wives: Robert Brown’s Career

Robert is one of the most successful kids of Janelle today. He was able to buy his own house in Flagstaff without the support of his dad. It’s no secret that he and Kody haven’t had a good relationship in a while. An old episode also showed the patriarch telling his former second wife to kick him and Gabriel out of the house.

Sister Wives Robert Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @robertthebrown Instagram

The 25-year-old son is also pursuing a career in the military. Additionally, he opened a clothing line called Bob’s Floral. The Sister Wives star loves to travel as well and often brings his camera to document his journey. Back in May, the fourth child of Janelle flew to Europe and shared beautiful snaps of some popular tourist spots.

Janelle Shows Big Support For Robert’s Passion

Janelle recently took to Instagram Stories to share a post about her son, Robert. He uploaded a new shot featuring the Milky Way in the night sky. His photo received tons of positive feedback. His mother was one of the people who showed support for his beautiful photo.

Janelle Brown Robert Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram
  • “Wow just wow honey,” the supportive mother said.
  • “Omg what a lovely photo . You really need to start selling them!” another commenter added.

Photography has only been a hobby for Robert Brown. Some people suggest that he should utilize his skills to make extra income. Regardless, it’s clear that taking pictures has been a big factor to keep him happy after the recent split of his parents.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Relationships With Janelle’s Kids

There haven’t been a lot of updates regarding Kody’s status with his kids. However, he previously revealed wanting to make things right, especially when it comes to Janelle’s children. His appearance at Savanah’s graduation also indicates his efforts to stay in touch with them. The adult boys have been silent about their dad for quite some time.

Kody Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

Though he has always been there at big celebrations such as Logan’s wedding and even the nuptials of Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn, where Janelle Brown and her kids were present.

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