5 Hot Plots ‘General Hospital’ Abruptly Dropped without Explanation – Cyrus Renault Return and More

General Hospital: Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober)

General Hospital baddie Cyrus Renault is one of several characters whose storyline appears to be forgotten.

There are quite a few plots that seem to have been dropped recently. And it has GH fans scratching their heads. Will they ever pick back up on the ABC sudser?

#1 What’s up with Cyrus Renault on General Hospital?

A while back, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) returned to GH. First, Cyrus was sent to a prison out West so he couldn’t wreak any more havoc in Port Chuck. But, somewhere along the way, Cyrus wound up back in Pentonville.

Now Cyrus is supposedly reformed and religious. But, of course, no one is buying it, especially Cyrus’ half-sister Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis).

General Hospital Comings And Goings: Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober)

Indeed, neither Laura nor her other brother, Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight), are convinced. Instead, they think Cyrus is as evil as ever on General Hospital.

At one point, it seemed that Cyrus Renault was still plotting to take control of Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) territory. And it looked like Cyrus was teaming up with mob princess Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier).

Fans will recall that Jennifer was working with someone out West, and their endgame was to dominate Port Charles. Then, Jennifer was framed for stealing the Ice Princess diamond, recall General Hospital recaps.

And that’s the last anyone saw of her. Now, Cyrus’ focus is family, and he’s getting closer to his great-nephew Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). So, it looks as though GH switched gears. Instead of going after revenge, Cyrus Renault’s looking out for his family.

General Hospital' Spoilers: Cyrus Renault Spirals - Portia Robinson at Risk  | Soap Dirt

#2 Did GH Forget Selina Wu Drugged Victor?

Also, it seems that General Hospital forgot that Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) was supposed to be drugged. Right before Holly Sutton’s (Emma Samms) exit, she paid lady gangster Selina Wu (Lydia Look) to drug Victor.

Selina slipped the drug into Vic’s martini — but nothing ever came of it. Is the drug slow-acting? Perhaps, it hasn’t taken effect yet. There are poisonous drugs out there, such as Dimethylmercury.

And it can take months to show up. Or maybe it was a tracker to keep tabs on Vic. But it looks like General Hospital dropped the ball on the villain’s poisoning.

#3 Vic’s Endgame Dragging on GH

Speaking of Victor, fans want to know what his master plan is. The supervillain has been back in town since 2021, and it’s still unclear what he’s after. He says the Cassadine family needs to unite for what’s coming, but he’s staying quiet about the threat.

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy)

Also, we know he wants the Ice Princess, but we don’t know why. Perhaps, he wants to use it to take over the world again. But now that Laura and the rest of the General Hospital vets are on the case, it will hopefully speed things along. And soon, we may know what Vic wants.

#4 Bad Guys Coming for Sonny – Where are They?

Not long ago, mob rivals were after Sonny. Wannabe kingpins were popping up left and right. They wanted to take Sonny down and move in on his turf. And, of course, there was the threat of Cyrus Renault.

Now it seems all of his enemies have disappeared from General Hospital. And the only threat is Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and his mole Dex Heller (Evan Hofer). Of course, they still want to send Sonny to prison. But his rivals are no longer a threat.

#5 Lulu Spencer Forgotten on General Hospital

Lastly, it appears that GH has no plan of bringing Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) back. Indeed, many fans want her to wake up from her three-year-long coma and come home. Her family misses her dearly.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan)

Plus, she has unfinished business with her ex-husband Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). Perhaps, the powers that be are waiting for Dante to get closer to Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) before bringing Lulu back into the mix on General Hospital.

Maybe they’re waiting until a “Sante” wedding is in the works to wake Lulu up. But, as of now, there’s no return in sight for the GH fan fave. So be sure to keep watching to see if we’ll ever find out what’s next for Cyrus Renault and all the others on the ABC soap.

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