GH News: Kelly Thiebaud’s Exit Storyline Rolled Out! Exit After ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ! ✅

Setting the tone right for the fact that, doctors can be patients too, General Hospital is rolling out a very critical storyline. It was earlier revealed that Doctor Britt Westbourne is suffering from Huntington’s disease. However, this was a fact that the kind doctor kept well hidden from her fellow Port Charles citizens. Only ever confiding in her mother and dear friend Jason Morgan. The latest reports doing the rounds of on social media confirm that Dr. Britt will now open up about her disease as it worsens. She will then move out of PC, probably for further treatment. Or worse, succumbing to her disease.

If reports are to be believed, the development in making Britt’s Huntington Disease worse is a way of writing the actress, Kelly Thiebaud, out of the story on General Hospital. Until now, Dr. Britt’s secret was safe with Dr. Liesl Obrecht and her boyfriend, Scotty Baldwin. The Only other person, she chose to share her heart with was, Jason Morgan. He not only kept her secret but also helped her work through it. However, in unfortunate turn of events, Jason ᴅɪᴇᴅ in a bridge collapse. Dr. Britt has been battling her disease and inner fears alone, ever since.

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Dr. Britt Nearing Her End On General Hospital?

Although, in a recent change of events, Dr. Britt disclosed her diagnosis to Dr. Austin Holt on General Hospital. Austin has been very encouraging and supportive of Britt ever since she confided in him. He has advised her to formulate a plan of action in order to take charge of her failing health. Initially, she was reluctant and resisted Dr. Austin’s suggestions. But, latest spoilers suggest that she has now decided to take the much needed look into her diagnosis and take the required actions.

Unfortunately though, General Hospital spoilers reveal that the reality of her advanced condition will hit her hard when she receives an unsettling and unfavorable update regarding her health. Reports suggest that Kelly Thiebaud’s exit is scheduled for the last week of November. However, it is yet to be seen whether it will be temporary in nature, where Dr. Britt takes a break to recover off-screen. Or, will it be more permanent, where Dr. Britt heartbreakingly succumbs to her disease. However, a quote by actress Kathleen Gati, is hinting at the latter possibility. “I have to say this was probably the most painful and profound episode I have filmed in 10 years” Kathleen said.

These changes on General Hospital have come in light of the fact that Kelly has reprised her role as Eva Vasquez on ABC’s Station 19. And, she may not have enough time to juggle between the two roles. However, we still hope this is only temporary and we get to see Dr. Britt on screen again. Meanwhile, Stay tuned to ABC to catch the latest episodes of General Hospital.


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